"Too Little Too Late" - Extra NHS funding

Press release

The UKIP leader for Wales Neil Hamilton AM has warned that proposed extra funding for the NHS will only scratch the surface of what is needed.

Yesterday the Welsh Government announced that an extra £240m was being earmarked for the NHS in its draft budget.

Mr Hamilton AM, while welcoming the extra funding, said that it was too little too late.

He said: “Of course I welcome any increase in spending but we must remember that for the past 15 years the Welsh NHS has been suffering thanks to savage cuts by the Welsh Labour Government and it is going to take years to try and put our health service back to how it should be.

“People are still waiting too long for treatment and appointments, community hospitals continue to be under threat and I hear complaints from constituents every week.

“It is all very well for the Welsh Labour Government to say they will make more money available but what it proposes will just about prop up what is already there and I fear that problems in the health service will continue.

“The lack of investment in the past 15 years ago has certainly taken its toll and a lot more will need to be done to reverse the damage which has already been done. “