Park Homes



Press Release

Tuesday March 21

Neil Hamilton, UKIP Group Leader in the Assembly, has cautiously welcomed news that the Welsh Government is considering reducing or scrapping the 10% commission charge paid to park owners on the sale of homes on their sites.

Mr Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales, met with about 100 park home protestors at the Senedd today (Tuesday) to support their call for the commission charge to be abolished.

The Minister for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant, announced in the Senedd his proposals for dealing with the ongoing concerns about the charge.

He told members that he would be carrying out a full consultation with site owners and residents and hoped that all interested parties would take part in the consultation and submit further information so he could scrutinise the available evidence.

 “In light of the very strong representations I have received,” he said, “I am currently of the view that there may be a case to reduce or even abolish the commission, though I will, of course, want to take full account of consultation responses before coming to a final view."

He told Assembly Members that the consultation on commission rates was expected to start around Easter and the process would take 12 weeks.

Neil Hamilton said:


At the moment, anyone who buys a mobile or park home is required to pay up to 10% commission to the site owner.  This is totally unjustified and affects hundreds of my constituents in Mid & West Wales.


“UKIP has continually championed this most unfair ‘tax’ because it is not right that people who live in mobile and park homes should be penalised in this way.


“I was pleased when the Minister announced last November that he was going to launch a consultation exercise, but it is disappointing that we are now in March and not really any further forward.


“Speaking to mobile home owners and residents today, they are all understandably concerned about the length of time it is taking the Welsh Government to make a decision.  I hope we will see some real progress over the next couple of months.


“The commission rate of 10% is clearly unfair and I fully support those who are campaigning for it to be abolished.”


The commission charge has been reviewed several times since it was last reduced from a maximum of 15% in 1983.  A law was passed in the Assembly in 2013 in order to give more rights to mobile home park residents in Wales - but did not abolish the commission.

CAPTION: Neil Hamilton meets with park home residents from Mid-Wales.